Family Footings


Family Footings is a service designed to facilitate real partnership working and coproduction for families of children with additional needs. We promote person centred approaches as a key way to achieve this with a focus on getting outcomes that make sense to the individual's life.

Our work has involved delivering training, coaching, facilitation to many parents and professionals across health, social care and education - including work around facilitating Education, Health and Care plans, person centred reviews, support planning for social care personal budgets and training young people as peer brokers. 

Since our successful DfE project 2011 -2013 and the many changes that have taken place in the education sector as a result of the Children and Families Act, Family Footings has continued to develop expertise inside of education and schools context. 

It is now a core service inside of MacIntyre Academies Trust - working towards authentic coproduction for every family and contributing to a personalised, flexible education for every student.

 Person Centred Thinking can help families to:

   feel listened to

   be more in control of their lives

   work in partnership with services to find the best outcome for their child

   feel more connected with their local community

express their aspirations for their life both now and in the future.