Family Footings

Family Footings promotes partnership working with families of children with additional needs. Our methodology is based in person centred approaches as a way to achieve real co-production and meaningful outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Person Centred Approaches

  • Thinking Tools

    The tools can help you in the following areas: reflecting on and planning action gathering and sharing...

  • Templates

    Download free templates of the thinking  tools. You can type into them, save and print.

  • Examples

    Look through examples shared by other parents. These are for various settings and ages.

  • Factsheets

    A selection of creative tips for using thinking tools, factsheets for professionals and other materials which can be used as handouts.

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Christmas Presence

The Presence to Contribution tool is a good tool to create a plan to support your child to become more involved in an activity or a club. My son aged 14 is severely autistic and progress is made in very small steps. By using the tool I was able to see how far he had come with our support and what the next step might be.

Raising aspirations for the future

Owen will need lifelong care and one of my greatest challenges has been recognising and living with that fact. For a long time I was only able to focus on that need and not what Owen might achieve in his life.

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